Klotok Tour Story

Klotok Tour Story

Klotok is a language to call or refer Boats in the language in Kalimantan, have decades of this language appear, and it may appear expected since the development of a machine that was taken by the people of the Netherlands, in the colonial era in Borneo

Why was there a relationship of language Klotok to call a boat with an engine presence, is because the people – people in Kalimantan calling an object sometimes – often based on the nature and the sound of it. Where at that time the presence of a 1 cilinder engine fueled by diesel, have been introduced in Kalimantan communities, then in because Borneo is an island made up of many rivers and rivers as transportation lanes economy at that time. So many people use boats as a means trasportasinya and at that time only in motion by human power by means rowed.

So with the presence of the machine at the time, then install the engine on the boat, as the driving force to replace human labor that were previously done by way of rowing. because the sound of the engine of that use 1 cilider, this sound, tok..tok..to..tok …, then at that time whether or not an agreement, called a boat made of this wood is as a tool in particular transfortasi rivers as klotok.

In line with that in Kumai (a district close to the Tanjung Puting National Park) in the presence of a Tanjung Puting National Park. which in living great ape species, the orangutan. Which became a symbol Tanjung Puting National Park existence as the world’s largest orangutan habitat. So since the 80′s. Start introduced to the public as a tourist to see orangutans. So to reach the location of Tanjung Puting National Park Must along a river whose name is Sekonyer River, it requires a means of public boat called Kalimantan is Klotok.

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